The Kendall Square Mobility Task Force (KSMTF) was established in 2015 to take a comprehensive look at mobility issues in Kendall Square. Special focus was placed on meeting the increasing need for high quality service for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users. The existing mobility issues, coupled with planned growth in Kendall Square and East Cambridge, has created a need to develop a transportation strategy to address local and regional mobility needs. Task Force produced a report outlining policy and project recommendations focused primarily on public transit and shuttles over the short, medium, and longer term time frames. The Task Force included representatives from the City of Cambridge, local institutions, private organizations, and other key stakeholders.

Kendall Square Mobility Task Force


City of Cambridge, Community Development Department - Environment & Transportation Division
Kendall Square Association


Cambridge Redevelopment Authority
Charles River Transportation Management Association
City of Cambridge Traffic, Parking and Transportation
Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority
Massachusetts Department of Transportation
Volpe National Systems Center


Boston Properties
Cambridge Innovation Center

Institutions / Associations / Advocates / Other

East Cambridge Business Association
East Cambridge Planning Team
Friends of the Grand Junction
Livable Streets Representatives
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT Investment Management Company

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