red line

The backbone of the Cambridge transit system


The Kendall Red Line Station is the 8th busiest station in the MBTA system and the 5th fastest growing station. Today's Red Line travelers in Kendall Square often find themselves on full trains and crowded platforms, sometimes getting left behind. With current and planned development, the expectation is that more people will want to take the Red Line, which will exacerbate today's problems. A new fleet of Red Line cars, estimated to be fully operational by 2024, should enable the MBTA to run a train every 3 minutes, adding approximately 50% more capacity at rush-hour. Yet despite these new trains and additional signal and trackwork, questions remain as to whether these improvements will fully meet the future growing demands of Kendall Square and the region.


  • Advocate for and ensure Red Line capacity increase is delivered
  • Implement Kendall Square station improvements
  • Make the Red Line resilient to climate change